Personal Membership

Membership Categories


Family Includes husband, wife and legal dependents.
Couple Includes husband and wife with no legal dependents.
Adult Includes individuals who have completed twelfth grade or discontinued school attendance, and older.
Student Includes all youth who have not completed twelfth grade.
Special Membership EMT’s, firefighters, police, and clergy will receive 25% discount on their monthly fees.

Military discount for all Title 10 personnel: All Title 10 recipients will receive a free membership

Membership Rates

*Annual Monthly
Family $396 $36
Couple $341 $31
Adult $275 $25
Student $176 $16

* Joiner’s fee waived and receive one month free with lump sum annual payment.

Our members get the benefit of one free consultation with Y Wellness Director/Personal Trainer, Drew Lovern


Scholarship Program

The Y welcomes all who wish to participate and annually raises scholarship funds to help make that possible. Please let us know if we may serve you or your family in this way.


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Everyone entering the YMCA must bring their membership card. This is necessary for any emergency which may arise. All members and program members should remember to come to the front desk upon entering the building to make sure our staff is aware of who is in the building.


Your Randolph County YMCA Membership Card is your passport to the YMCA’s in the USA! This gives you great freedom while traveling to different areas in the country. You can go as many times as you like to other Indiana Y’s as long you are using your home facility at least 51% of the time.