Frequently Asked Questions

What are Camp Yale’s Hours of Operation?

Facilitated Hours are available from April-October as scheduled by groups. Call us at (765)584-9622 to schedule facilitated activities.Walking Trails are open year round from dawn to dusk.

What is a price for a day at Camp Yale?

Fees are based on how many facilitated activities your group is interested in doing. Our facilitators run the zip line, climbing wall, team building challenge course, and archery. Walking Trails and fishing are free to the public.

Can I just come and climb the Tower and Zip?

Because the climbing tower requires multiple staff members, you must schedule your climbing and zipping events in advance. Call 765-584-9622 to schedule.

How many elements can my group complete in one day?

This depends on each individual group. A high functioning group may complete as many as 12 elements, but typically 6 to 8 elements is a full day. Remember it is quality, not quantity.

Can we hunt at Camp Yale?

Fire arms are prohibited at our facility due to safety issues.