Team Building

You and your group will spend the day getting to know each other and working together to solve problems and face challenges.

Your group’s experience MAY go something like this…

Beginning your Adventure: The Briefing

You are greeted by your facilitator for the day.

Your facilitator then begins your briefing – preparing you for your customized half or full day Camp Yale experience. The focus is team building and leadership development. Your group is about to be immersed in an outdoor learning experience that will awaken your senses and open your eyes and ears to new possibilities.

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Team Building & Leadership Development: Challenge Course

The Challenge Course or ROPES Course consists of 15 elements.¬†As you reach each challenge element, your facilitator will present the group with the “scenario” to be solved and “tools” to meet the challenge. However, group members receive no guidance onhow to proceed and must devise their own solution. As a consequence, leadership and teamwork behaviors are revealed and team members can assist each other to improve these behaviors through cooperation. Challenges can only be met through teamwork.

A few of the 20 challenge elements available at Camp Yale include:

Traffic Jam

Participants learn problem solving and communication while experiencing high frustration
Incomplete Bridge
Participants learn to improve their problem solving skills, communication, and idea sharing
Poison Peanut Butter Pit
Participants learn problem solving, when to follow when to lead, and material allocation
Nitro Crossing
Participants learn material allocation, communication, and physically helping team members
Australian Trolley
Participants learn goal setting and when to lead and when to follow
Spiders Web
Builds trust, problem solving, communication, and cooperation skills
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Personal Growth: The Tower

The Climbing Tower
Participants receive a safety briefing and are fitted with harnesses prior to the 50-foot climb. As you prepare, you are harnessed to a state of the art auto-belay (safety) system. If at any time during the climb you lose your strength, simply step away from the wall and the cable gently lowers you safely back to the ground.
This is an individual activity designed to build confidence.
The Zip Line
You climb the spiral staircase to the top of the tower. Here, you are secured to a specially designed pulley system and harness, which is attached to the zip line cable. When ready, you indicate so to the Tower Facilitator standing next to you. The facilitator then goes through a verbal safety checklist with the Ground Crew, 450-feet down the line, and when both agree it is safe, you launch yourself forward and down the zip line.
This is truly an exhilarating experience designed to help people overcome their fears or just have a great time.
The Giant Ladder
Beneath the zip line launching platform, is the Giant Ladder/Cargo Net.
This is a facilitated group challenge element, which builds trust. Your group handles the safety rope attached to your harness, as you ascend the 50-foot ladder.
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Time for Reflection: The De-Briefing

When you’ve completed the major activities for the day, you take the trail that leads back to the gathering area, where the De-Briefing takes place. During the de-briefing, the group discusses the “Take Aways” for the day – what you’ve learned and how you can apply this new knowledge to your personal lives.