Randolph County KIDS, Inc., a non-profit corporation, was formed in 1991 to assist Randolph County young people involved in the juvenile system. This non profit organization was championed by Randolph County juvenile Judge, Jan Chalfant. Camp Yale was originally envisioned by Judge Chalfant as a program of this corporation.
In 1998, the board of directors decided to establish an outdoor education camp for “at risk” children and families. With the assistance of Randolph County Commissioners, 25 acres was gifted to our Corporation and, with support from the local Family Social Service Office, construction of Camp Yale (Young Adult Leadership Environment) began in November 2000.
In October 2001, Camp Yale opened it’s doors offering programs to youth in the form of challenge education courses also known as ROPES programming. This unique leadership training program provides kids an opportunity to physically experience teamwork, goal setting, communication, listening skills, cooperation, conflict resolution, problem solving and learning leadership roles. By autumn of 2006, over 7,000 youth had participated in training and programming with Camp Yale.
In the Autumn of 2006, the board of directors realized there was a great demand for the type of facility and services Camp Yale had to offer, and decided to expand the Camp Yale target market to serve organizations and youth beyond the immediate geographic area. By January 2007, staff began to market to the corporate, social services, the religious community and other non profit organizations beyond the borders of Randolph county and the surrounding counties. In 2009, a new management organization took over the leadership of Camp Yale and has been adding new programs and services to increase the use and impact footprint for the State of Indiana as well as Ohio.
Today, Camp Yale is serving organizations in half and full day experiences and overnight retreats from across Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky. Not only with youth and children, but corporations utilize the team-building services that are offered at our amazing facility. Camp Yale has also expanded its services into OSHA programming to serve not only our local companies, but companies in the Greater Ohio Valley Region. These new services has allowed Camp Yale to serve an average of 3,600 youth, children and adults, annually, at our 30 acre facility.
It is our mission to continue to offer a variety of services that will impact our local and surrounding communities to youth, children and adults. If you have more questions or would like to visit our life-changing facility, do not hesitate to contact us.